It’s DJ SpyDei! I’m 22 years old and was born and raised in Huntsville Alabama. I was always surrounded by music as a child. Inspired by playing guitar hero and seeing my mom sing in churches. I live to create and perform.

Every day I spend countless amounts of time working on new material.


  I never pass up opportunities with music, which is kind of how I landed with HID. I wasn’t making dubstep or anything like it. I produced and rapped on hip hop beats. One fateful day I took a trip to the country to rap for a DJ on his Facebook live and I ended up getting on the decks. Instantly, I fell in LOVE. I knew that mixing music was a new calling for me. It wasn’t long after that before I went to my first Tuesday nights at sidetracks.


..the rest is history in the making.

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HID Collective LLC

Independent Music Label 

Artist Professional Services

Huntsville, AL